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Characteristics and Application of NTC Chip Thermistor
Visit:4262次  Date:2022-09-22
NTC chip thermistor is a ceramic semiconductor heat sensitive crystal sintered from manganese, cobalt and nickel based metal oxides. It is extremely sensitive to temperature changes. Its zero power resistance value decreases with the increase of body temperature, and the resistance value decreases exponentially with the increase of temperature. The temperature coefficient is as high as (3-6%/℃). Small temperature changes will cause large resistance changes. According to the R-T resistance value temperature curve of the thermistor, the accurate resistance value of each temperature point can be measured, and the digital temperature correspondence can be realized through the resistance value in the circuit, which is used for temperature measurement and control.

Features of NTC chip thermistor:
1) Small size, no lead, excellent welding performance, suitable for high-density surface mounting;
2) The surface of the porcelain body is wrapped with glass, with good moisture resistance, high reliability and stability;
3) Wide working temperature range: - 40 ℃~125 ℃;
4) High precision resistance value and B value constant;
5) Comply with RoHS environmental protection standards

Application range of NTC chip thermistor:
Temperature measurement: electronic thermometer, electronic perpetual calendar, electronic clock temperature display, electronic gifts, etc;
Temperature control: temperature sensing of rechargeable batteries of mobile phones, car phones, laptops, intelligent wearables and other devices;
Temperature compensation: temperature compensation for transistors, ICs and crystal oscillators of mobile communication equipment.

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