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Opportunity known early: China's supercapacitor technology has broken through the market with broad prospects
Visit:4229次  Date:2022-09-22
Under the support of the "Research on Key Technologies of High Performance Chemical Energy Storage Batteries and Demonstration Power Plants" theme project in the field of advanced energy technology in the 863 Plan of the "Twelfth Five Year Plan", "Research on Key Technologies of High Specific Energy and Low Cost New Supercapacitors", "Key Technologies and Demonstration of Long Life Lithium Manganate Energy Storage Batteries" and other topics have made significant progress, and recently passed the technical acceptance.

According to the official microblog of the Ministry of Science and Technology, "Rui Technology" on August 15, in terms of "new super capacitors", it has broken through the technical bottleneck in the preparation of high energy density, high power density, long-life supercapacitors, developed porous graphene, high voltage electrolyte salts, electrolyte, cellulose membranes and other materials, developed a pilot technology for dry preparation of electrode slices, broke through the core technology of supercapacitor industrialization, and the products have been used in mechanical energy recovery Supercapacitor has been applied to railway vehicles at home and abroad. At present, a core technology system has been formed in terms of materials, devices and system integration in domestic supercapacitors, which has changed the situation that supercapacitors were monopolized by foreign products during the 11th Five Year Plan period.

In the field of "long-life lithium manganate energy storage battery", we have carried out research on layered lithium manganate, surface coated single crystal lithium manganate, aluminum cobalt co doped lithium manganate cathode materials, pitch and resin derived hard carbon anode materials, functional electrolyte, as well as research on single cells, modules and energy storage systems. We have mastered the key technologies for industrialization of long-life low-cost lithium ion energy storage systems. The service life of single cells has exceeded 3000 times, Up to 6000 times. It has completed the development and demonstration operation of two sets of 50kW/100kWh layered lithium manganate/hard carbon lithium ion battery energy storage systems for the first time in the world; At the same time, the application demonstration of 20kWh household solar energy storage system and 3kWh standby emergency power supply has been developed.

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