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"Strict quality control and continuous improvement" Rich Electronic competes for the Excellent Enterprise Award of Resistance and Capacitance Products
Visit:4294次  Date:2022-09-22
The registration stage of the third HCFT Intelligent Hardware Supply Chain Conference has now ended. In the category of electronic components, the Enterprise Award for Excellence in Resistance and Capacitance Products has attracted more than 100 enterprises to apply.

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According to reliable information, Shenzhen Rich Electronic Co., Ltd. has signed up to compete for the "Outstanding Enterprise Award for Resistance and Capacitance Products".

Shenzhen Rich Electronic Co., Ltd. is located in Huafeng Baoyuan Industrial Zone (near Shengtaosha high-grade residential area), Xixiang Street, Bao'an District, which has a beautiful environment. It is an advanced manufacturer of capacitor production equipment in the Pearl River Delta. The company has a superior geographical location. It not only relies on the subway and bus stops, but also has convenient transportation. Besides, banks, shopping malls, entertainment venues and other ancillary living facilities are also complete. The company mainly produces the taped products of ceramic capacitors and related capacitors (for automatic plug-in machines), including high-frequency ceramic capacitors (CC1), high dielectric ceramic capacitors (CT1), high-voltage ceramic capacitors (CC81 ~ CT81), ultra-high voltage ceramic capacitors (CT82), AC safety regulation ceramic capacitors (CT7Y1/X1, Y2) and varistors (MY) for electromagnetic interference suppression, with a monthly production and sales of more than 100 million capacitors.

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